About Wonderfully Made Foundation

The Wonderfully Made Foundation is a 501c3 organization (EIN Number 13-4336551) with programs and services that focus on personal development, life skills, domestic violence awareness, homeless assistance, job training, and youth development and mentoring. We accomplish this through our five (5) initiatives: WMF Homeless Homes, Domestic Violence Awareness and Outreach, Wonderfully Yours Clothing Closest, Pathway to Success Job Training Program, and Children’s and Family Literacy Program.

Wonderfully Made Foundation was established in 2007 by Founder/Executive Director Lisa Miller-Baldwin and housed in a local church as a resource center for victims of domestic violence, empowering them with tools and resources to walk out their journey to wholeness. In August 2011, WMF opened our first Wonderfully Made Homeless Home with goals to Embrace, Impart, and Empower the lives of women and children. WMF Homeless Homes provide 90 day transitional housing to benefit women and children who are homeless as well as provide emergency shelter services for women. In October 2013, our second home, the Becky Ann site was opened. Both Homes serve up to 5 families at a time. In addition to providing a place for mothers and children to call home, WMF provides Educational/Life Enrichment Opportunities (i.e. GED Prep, budgeting/credit repair, parenting, healthy relationships, and more) for our adult residents and literacy and learning activities for our minor residents. Our Homeless Home Program also offers case management for social services, housing assistance, counseling, and bus passes.  

Our Pathway to Success Job Training Program offers job skills and job readiness training in four areas: Clerical/Office, Customer Service/Retail, Housekeeping/Facilities Management, and Fashion Accessory Creation. Wonderfully Made residents who are unemployed are required to participate in this program Monday through Friday until employment is obtained.  Our Children’s and Family Literacy Program provides literacy and learning opportunities to our families and to those undeserved in the community through In-School Outreach, Family Literacy Nights, literacy bags (that include books, stuffed animals, and learning activities), and other opportunities that allow families to engage in reading and fun together.

Our Wonderfully Yours Clothing Closet is another one of our programs that reaches not only our residents but those in need in the community by providing new or gently used clothing and shoes, as well as hygiene products to women and children. The closet is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-4pm. WMF provides Domestic Violence Awareness events and programs for adults and teens through stage plays, PSAs, conferences, and other avenues. In 2013, WMF was selected as a winner of the prestigious Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence Award in the Self-Sufficiency. Wonderfully Made Foundation was also selected as the 2013 Nonprofit of the Year by House District 97 Representative Mike Shelton.  Wonderfully Made Foundation wishes to educate and promote empowerment holistically. Our aim is to EMPOWER individuals to succeed and live life to its fullest.

Our Mission Statement:

Wonderfully Made Foundation's mission is to EMBRACE families, individuals, children, and youth who are in need, in our community and beyond, by equipping them with crucial tools and resources that will aid them in becoming effective and productive citizens. Wonderfully Made Foundation will IMPART truth and make available various programs, activities, and events that EMPOWER families, individuals, children, and youth to walk in their God-given destiny, knowing that they are fearfully and WONDERFULLY MADE.

  • We will EMBRACE homeless women and children by welcoming them into our Homeless Homes, providing them with security and stability as we assist them in taking the necessary steps to obtain self-sufficiency. We will embrace the families and individuals who visit our Clothing Closet by providing them with some of life’s basic necessities including clothing, shoes, and toiletry items and help them expand their limited resources by not having to purchase these items. We will ensure every person who comes to us for assistance will leave knowing they are not defined by their current circumstance.
  • We will IMPART knowledge by providing resources, programs, and events that bring awareness and information to the community on relevant social issues. Some of these social issues will include: homelessness, poverty awareness, and domestic violence awareness. We desire to enlighten the community to the effects of these matters and begin the process of changing the mindset and taboo, while providing resources for change.
  • We will EMPOWER families by equipping them with basic skills sets and tools that will bring improvement to the different areas we have seen lack or deficiency. These areas include reading and comprehension, job readiness and job training, life skills, health and wellness, healthy relationships, parenting, and budgeting and credit repair.  By equipping families with these fundamental tools, we believe we can greatly impact their lives and change the course of their futures.

Take a peek into the Wonderfully Made Homeless Home