Domestic Violence Awareness

"One out of every four women worldwide will be physically, verbally, or otherwise abused during her lifetime."   Download --> Domestic Violence Awareness Flyer

Domestic violence should not happen to anybody ever, PERIOD! But it does - and when it does, there is support!

Wonderfully Made Foundation works to foster a community that seeks to inform and empower victims with the resources and tools to walk their journey to wholeness with the affirmation that they are FEARFULLY and
Wonderfully Made.

This community, empowered with resources, knowledge, courage and compassion, will aid victims by providing a lifeline of hope and tools of support. Mrs. Lisa Miller-Baldwin, WMF Founder who too WAS a victim of domestic violence, soared into her purpose after realizing her value and worth! The Wonderfully Made Foundation’s heart is that each woman will accept that TRUTH. This is accomplished through:
Community Awareness events:
· Domestic Violence Awareness Stage Production:
* Mirror, Mirror On The Wall and
* Espejito, Espejito (Spanish version}
· Healthy Relationship Conference

Teens ONLY
· Empowered Teens—Teen Dating Violence Initiative
· Skate 2 Educate
· The Beauty Within Conference
· I Like You, But I Love Me More~ Teen Curriculum

· Provided by partner counseling agency and by referral to the YWCA

Victim Services/Housing
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.:


YWCA Domestic Abuse Hotline (For Housing in Oklahoma)
1-888-534-5243 OR (405) 917-YWCA"

"First 500"

To make a difference in the lives of Homeless families
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